That Man Oh Soo (2018)


That Man Oh Soo (2018)

그남자 오수,Evergreen,那個男人吳秀

TV Series , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Korean | Completed


Oh Soo is an IT company technician as well as a cafe owner and barista. He is also a matchmaking cupid who has the power to pair lovers together. Oh Soo can detect people's unseen emotions and uses his magical pollen to make people fall in love. However, he himself has a lonely heart and has no love life.
All that is about to change, as the cupid succumbs to the powerof love when he meets Seo Yoo Ri, a policewoman who is dumped by her boyfriend.
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Yoo Il Park Min Ho Support Role
Kim Yeon Seo Unknown Support Role
Heo Jung Min Oh Ga Na Support Role
Kang Tae Oh Kim Jin Woo Support Role
Kim So Eun Seo Yoo Ri Main Role
Lee Jong Hyun Oh Soo Main Role
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